Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Book by Pris Campbell and Scott Owens is now released.

My collaboration with Scott Owens, "The Nature of Attraction," poems focusing on a relationship featuring a repressed Norman and wild-childe Sara, is now available for the unbelievable pre-publication discount of only $3.50. Orders will be accepted at that price until July 12. The book will be released and mailed on July 26. This book will be a one print run, ie once Main Street Rag Publications sells all pre-publication copies plus extra copies it prints and Scott and I sell all of the copies we order to sell on our own, there will be no more. The price after the pre-order period will be 7 dollars.

Collaborating with Scott on this collection of poems was truly fun.

Below is a link to Scott's and my page which includes our photos, BIOs, ordering link and sample poems:


To view the entire series of Main Street Rag's Coming Soon page of chapbooks, go to this link (orders can be made from this page, as well).


mister jim said...

Wow, very elegant cover!

Anna G Raman said...

Congratulations on the new book!

Pris said...

Thanks, Anna. Jim, Scott found this artist somewhere. Doesn't it make a fantastic cover?

mouse said...

I love the cover. I find the samples disturbing. I suppose they are made to be so.

Pris said...

Hi mouse, The poems weren't picked to be disturbing, but if the samples don't work for someone,he/she knows not to buy the book:-)