Monday, April 26, 2010

Collaborations with Mary Hillier in 2008

Mary's art is so amazing! She and I have collaborated several times now and have two more publications coming up.

I'd love it if you take a look at this In The Fray Issue containing four of our collaborations. While you're there, take a look around the journal. It's diverse and interesting. They also pay, which is unusual for a zine.

Here's one of the images as a teaser. Nude Maiden On The Cross. Click to enlarge.

This went with my City of Forgiven Whores:

In this city
where birds fly upside
down, and sadness is a welt
made by a raindrop, he comes to me.

He speaks of sleep-talking dreamers,
whores dunked by blind preachers,
then kisses me like when we were young.

I tug him inside
and we soar till our wings melt —
two candles, burnt to the nub
of a universe rebuilding.

We fall past old gods
converted to new ways of seeing
into the clear cleansing river of Eros
that finally Huck Finns us away.


mister jim said...

I like the color radiates
a calm.

Pris said...

Mary's good!! I have one of her paintings hanging in my home.

mouse said...

Pris, I enjoyed this foray into the past. Time may pass, but it never leaves.

Pris said...

So true!