Tuesday, January 06, 2009

This one's for you, Mike!

Back in late November, a man from England I knew online who visited Orlando, three hours north of me, came to visit me with his wife. This meant a six hour round trip for them in one day and meant a lot to me. We hadn't known each other well enough for them to feel comfortable overnighting here.

He'd had surgery for intestinal cancer earlier in the year and chemo, but mentioned on his visit that there was another undefined mass. I just learned that it was the cancer, this time come back harder. His options, according to his doctors , were to leave it be and 'die sooner' or remove his intestines and 'die later'. Imagine being given that type of choice. He's opted for the operation. I'm hoping the doctors are wrong and it's not that advanced.

I was in pain with what led to a root canal two days after his visit and am glad now I didn't cancel out for that reason. I did this haiga shortly after the visit.

I'm thinking of you, dear Mike! Your wife, too.

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Collin Kelley said...

Sending positive thoughts to your friend.

Moineau En France said...

how quickly illness comes upon us and reshapes our entire lives. our choices become ironic monsters as we stare down into the dark unknown. yes, it takes IMMENSE COURAGE to live with these frightening decisions. i hail mike's choice for the surgery, giving his wife hope and additional time, i pray. it's the love alone that sustains us. beautiful tribute, dear pris. xoxoxox

Pris said...

I'll pass on your comments to Mike when I next hear something. Thank you both.

cfswarrior said...

I'm sending positive thoughts his way. I hope the surgery goes well. You're right. What a choice to make.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pris
What a joy to see you all standing there.
I didn't know Mike was coming your way. How nice to be able to meet up and for them to make the journey.
True friendships are well worth all the effort from each party.
He's a great guy, always has been always will be.
Please send him my love.

Annie Wicking said...

Send on our love and thoughts to your friends and some for you too, my dear friend. ((Hugs))

Best wishes,


Pris said...

Terri and Annie, I'll pass your comments on, too. Ellen, he has a post at Bag End where you can leave a direct message for him. He and his wife have a yearly time share three hours north of me so he was able to get down.