Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mama Mia

I understand that this movie has been panned by a lot of people, the singing, as well. I found the movie to be delightful, personally. It was fun seeing a movie depicting people who lived through the 'hippie' generation in the here and now--and done in musical form. While it was no Hair or Jesus Christ Superstar, or even Tommy, doing it this way took me back to those and the days when I saw Hair live in San Francisco. The actors looked like people out on the streets. I saw Hair again in the eighties and the actors wore wigs. It was no longer a statement, but a period piece. Yes, I'm getting older:-)

So, if you've seen it, tell me what you thought of the movie and your general age group, ie were you of age enough to remember the late sixties, early seventies??


Anonymous said...

I watched this on dvd with my youngest daughter (aged 13) last week-end.
I believe that the writers of Abba's songs have musical genius and that these tracks have stood and will always stand the test of time. This generation of teens seem to love Mamma Mia.It has had rave and outstandidng reviews.
I didn't however enjoy the movie...not at all, much to my daughters amazement. It was watchable but I prefer the songs individually as opposed to strung together in a musical
...I prefer Moulin Rouge...oh yes!

Collin Kelley said...

Mamma Mia is on the way from Netflix right now. I didn't see it in the theater, but I'm looking forward to it.

Middle Ditch said...

Funny enough Abba was a bit of a laughing stock in Holland at the time. Now we find that their songs have stood the time and the younger generation loves their music.

Pris said...

Hi Ellen..I was disappointed in Moulin Rouge. Goes to show, different tastes.

Collin, I hope you blog on the movie when you see it.

M, I'd never listened to Abba oddly enough but I really enjoyed the music in the movie.

ButtonHole said...

I LOOOOOVE Abba. Haven't seen the movie, though I DID pay to rent it (didn't have time to watch....I don't think this counts, though). But Pierce Brosnan sounded HORRIBLE in that clip! Bless his heart.

(Pierce, if you're reading this, sorry, but stick to just the acting!)

word veri: winoses--all sorts of punssibilities there.

Pris said...

Hi Button, no he's no singer, but I'll settle for just looking at the man:-)

colleen said...

I meant to say this here: I saw Hair in Boston when it first came out and will never forget the experience. No wigs for sure! I always feel the lack of people who represent my lifestyle in movies. And if they do represent it they tend to get it hokie.

Pris said...

I can otally relate, Colleen!

Nancy Simpson said...

Mama Mia - I am living in the past and because I saw the movie a while back on the first day it was released -still living in the past. I am a long time ABBA fan. I enjoyed every bit of the movie and will buy the DVD. I laughed and I cried. I've been around a long time and I knew/know the hippy generation, their freedom and abandon, their joy de verve, their screw ups too , and I know how they all, all, I'm talking about the ones I knew/know, all took their grown up places in society and became midwives, then nurses, doctors, teachers shop owners, inn operators, writers, publishers, lawyers, psychologists, school counselors, devoted husbands, wives and good parents. To me Mama Mia is a celebration of that miracle.