Thursday, November 30, 2006

Christmas In The Graveyard

Poinsettias & carnations sprout,
grave by grave, in my old hometown.
My parents. Doc Johnny.
The boy I had a crush on,
sixth grade.
Ella Ruth
A roll call of breathless days
I thought I could wrap in tinsel,
hold tight in my fist, but

hey, I'm just an aging ex-hippie now,
searching for one more mistletoe kiss.


Pat Paulk said...

From one aging ex-hippie to another, "I got the mistletoe". Do we smoke that before we kiss, I just can't remember...

Mike said...

Hay Pris
who needs mistletoe?

Pris said...

Hi Pat
I think we eat the berries:-)

The mistletoe's a backup!!

polona said...

i like this bittersweet poem with a touch og lightness in the last two lines.

Pris said...

Thanks, Polona.

Helen Losse said...

Hi Pris, I like this, especially "a roll call of breathless days/ I thought I could wrap in tinsel."

burning moon said...

hi Pris, very cool. I like this poem, it has a nice natural flowing feel to it.

Pris said...

Thanks, both of you...moon, i've missed you!

Tomas said...

... "hey, I'm just an aging ex-hippie now,
searching for one more mistletoe kiss"
Wow. I have recognized there myself, and it was so unexpectedly and it has made me speechless. You have created the miracle.
Thank you for the wonderful poetry that has awakened the days of my youth.

Pris said...

Hi Thomas, thanks and welcome. I love your blog.

Michael Parker said...

I like this walk amongst sad remembrances of past friends.

Ellen M Johns said...

What would a Christmas be without the mistletoe. I always like to squash the berries between my finger and thumb. I just can't resist. Love the poem.

Pris said...

I have a wonderful photo of my father kissing my mother on the cheek when they were in their seventies under the mistletoe. When mother had moved down here for the last years of her life, then died, she was cremated and a memorial service held in the church she'd been a member of all those years before (I wasn't able to travel, so Steve drove her ashes up). Cousins stayed with Pageland friends and her friends gathered for a memorial service. I had that photo blown up to sit next to her urn during the service. It was perfect!