Monday, July 24, 2006

What shows up when you google YOUR name?

A few years ago, I was surprised when I googled my name, out of curiosity, only to find along with expected results, an entry I'd made in someone's GUESTBOOK a year earlier. I knew the search engines crawled sites, journals, etc, but guestbooks?? Good thing I said something nice, eh?:-)

At any rate, I checked the webtracker for my website today for the first time in about a month. My visitors come from almost anywhere imaginable, but google is the main search engine that finds me and usually with the key word 'inspirations'. (My site name is Poetic Inspirations). Today, I found some search results from dogpile and while, of course, this blog has also been showing for some time, I was surprised to find that one search had led to a COMMENT someone had made on this blog last year after Katrina hit.

Amazing, and it also tells you to be very wary what you say anywhere on a public forum. Who knows? I may find these words in a search engine one day.



pepektheassassin said...

Try googling your blog name in the search box. I came up with hundreds--every comment I ever made, geez. EVERYTHING is stored somewhere. It boggles the mind!

Pris said...

It really tells us all to be careful about every single thing we post anywhere, knowing it could come back to haunt us.

Ellen M Johns said...

Jeepers. Funnily enough, B mentioned this quite recently. I just hope my past comments have been polite!!! everywhere I've visited.

david raphael israel said...

always a search engine
never a find machine?
"ask it shall be given"
bespake a great mind machine
enter the terse term
and see what may appear
somewhere a worse worm
birds' delight apples' fear


word verif.: fearxwnl

Pris said...

that's good:-)