Sunday, July 30, 2006

A collaboration with Geoff Sanderson

...except that I sent him the photo of my cat early this morning and he did all the work. This cat was the stray who brought her babies into our garage before Wilma hit last year. We ended up keeping the whole group until the babies were weaned, then found good homes for the babies and adopted Sabrina. She's truly made this her home now. It's hard to get her to go out. The father of her children comes around every day and she'll go out for a while with him, but not long. Sometimes they lie next to each other on the back patio like two old friends. We finally started feeding him, too, as his sides were sunk in. He's too wild to ever be adopted so better to just take care of him without adopting him (shots, vet, etc) than sending him off to his death at the animal shelter or die of starvation. He was lying on the bench just below the window when this shot was taken.

(click to enlarge)


Kai said...

Your cat has the most beautiful soulful eyes. :)
Peace, Kai

GEL said...

I agree with Kai. Those eyes hold worlds of emotion.
I paint pet portraits among other subjects. Nice composition and air of mystery to the photograph.
(I also noticed your profile and hope that life changes are working for you. I, too, have a (different) autoimmune disorder.)

Pris said...

Thanks for taking the time to comment. Cats do have such experssive eyes.

Silvermoon, I wish the best for you, too.

Kora said...

Cute little kitty... awww how cute..

Pris said...

Thanks..she's always into everything. The printer to my computer fascinates her and she tries to climb up into the hole where the paper comes out whenever I print to see where it's coming from :-)

Ellen M Johns said...

That is so cute, the fact that her male companion calls for her and they take a walk...lovely. Bravo to Geoff too, he always comes up with the goods!