Friday, July 07, 2006

Cirque Du Soleil - Hula Hoops

From Kim Komando's 'cool site' letter for today:

Flexible Elena Lev
There are few things as engrossing as a good show. And in case you think I'm talking about television shows, think again!

I saw Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas a while back. It was amazing. If you've never seen Cirque du Soleil, you're missing out.

That's why I'm recommending today's site. It's a video of Elena Lev, a member of Cirque du Soleil, performing.

At YouTube, you'll see a video of Elena performing her famous hula hoops dance. I know – hula hoops? It is much cooler than you think!

I used to know how to hula hoop, but not like this! The woman is amazing. Well worth a looksee.

You can either go to this youtube link:

or play it directly here:


pepektheassassin said...


Pris said...

I know...that was my thought, too.

inlow said...

Vaudeville meets Bond Girl meets Wham-O WOW..

come here my little Slinky...


Pris said...

you summed it up :-)

michi said...

it's awesome.
but - such bodies look completely unnatural, don't they?
still - wow.


Pris said...

I know. I was watching her body more the second time and she's almost like a thin pole, no jut outs anywhere much at breast or rearend. Maybe that's what it takes to be that limber??

erin said...

Amazing! We love Cirque at our house, for this exact reason. They are real artists! Did anyone else have trouble sitting still though? The more rings she added, the more crawly I got... I couldn't sit still! Thanks for sharing.

Pris said...

I had trouble keeping my mouth from hanging open:-) I need to google them and see if I can find more.

Pat Paulk said...

Seen two shows, the last in Vegas "Oh". You can see the hours and years of practice in each move they make. Thanks for posting it!!

Pris said...

Since finding this one, I found more on youtube and they are indeed amazing. Of all of the ones on that site, I think this is the best, though.