Saturday, May 14, 2005

A haiku

autumn to autumn
the soles of my shoes
still clean

Pris Campbell

Later Edit:

Goeff Sanderson kindly contributed this photo, at my request, to use with the above haiku in a collaboration for the haiga below.

The larger version can be seen HERE.


Geoff said...

Great haiku, Pris. Now you have the epitaph on your memorial stone (not for another 100 years, of course):

'She Always Kept the Soles of her Shoes Clean'

Gette said...

I love haiku! I feel very self conscious when I write free-form poetry, like I can't say anything that hasn't been said better, or less tritely. But Haiku imposes a structure, and I can force my thoughts to follow those syllables and be happy with the outcome.

Pris said...

Think about joining Haiku Hut. It's a great board for all sorts of short forms!
Thanks for commenting.