Thursday, May 19, 2005

Of You The Orcas Sing

You told me your body was pale, far
paler than mine, like coconut pudding,
warm off the stove as mom used to make,
and so I tested it.

For me, it became a soft pillow,
smoothed itself into my curves,
offered respite for lonely arms and hands,
pleasured parts I do not wish
to speak of now.

I am dwarfed by the dark room,
reach out to touch the cooling contour
of your indent, damp evidence of our
past days together.

You had to get back, you said.
She would be waiting.

Downstairs, my neighbor sings off key.
she has never been with a man, I hear.

She sings as if the stars have not fallen
or the sun tumbled off the horizon
into vast gray oceans where Orcas sing
of white bellies and lovers touching
pale hands in the soundlessness of space.

Pris Campbell

Published in MipoBonsai Print 2004


Geoff said...

Another lovely, gently erotic piece of nostalgia, Pris. Just the opposite pole to 'Abrasions' - you should publish a chapbook of these, and call it'Emolients'.

Pris said...

Thanks again, G. The only problem with chapbooks is that if you can't go out and do readings, they don't sell. I need a clone. A healthy one!

Geoff said...

You need a clone to do readings? Well, if you pay my air fare, and an all-expenses-paid speaking tour of the USA, I might just consider it. On second thoughts, some of your poems make me blush ...

Pris said...

hi g
if you do the readings, you can wear a zorro outfit. Nobody will know it's you:-)