Friday, May 13, 2005

Sail Away

Click on the following image:

Nantucket map

You'll see part of my boat log notes and a shot of Main Street in Nantucket in 1977. (Remember, Windows automatically resizes it smaller, so click on the enlarge icon to see it full size).

It was quite the adventure. Fog most of the day traveling from the last stop in the Vineyard on out to Nantucket. Nobody had hand-held sets then to measure where you were by satellite. It was 'dead reckoning', ie draw your course, make adjustments as you saw fit for wind or current bearing you off course, pray you hit the next buoy, then REALLY pray you made landfall at the Nantucket jetty. Miss it and you were either on the shoals just past or on your way to England.

We made it only to be trapped there for days with 50 knot winds howling across the waters. Who would want to leave such a lovely place, but we had to stay ahead of the autumn weather. By the time we hit the Carolinas, as it was, we were into October and November, sailing with thermal underwear on under winter clothes in our uncovered 22 footer. The days freezing rain hit fun. But yes, an adventure to not forget ever.


Slight Clutter said...

Many great stories are borne out of the unplanned. From what was the frigid waters of misdirection rose warm and fuzzy memories for you to hold dear. Thanks for sharing. :)

Geoff said...

Wonderful, nostalgic images and journal Pris. As I told you once before, life might be treating you pretty badly now, but you lived it to the full once, and have these great memories; hold on to them!

Pris said...

Thanks, both of you for commenting. And yes, many wonderful memories. One day I'll post the overnight trip down the Jersey coast with rollers coming in behind us, too dark to see in advance, and the sails all bound down, save a tiny storm jib. We STILL were making over our hull speed over the ground. I have to admit, that night I wondered if I'd made a huge mistake:-)

And Geoff...yes, am keeping my shoes very clean.