Saturday, February 19, 2011

I Am Sailing Rod Stewart

This was popular about the time I sailed down the east coast in my 22 foot sloop. I remember when we came down the East River and past the statue so this brings back many memories. In a forward shot you can see Sandy Hook where we anchored that night before going down the Jersey Coast. And the towers are still there.

This is day three of a sodden cold. Tissues are scattered everywhere and the bones of my face ache. This vicarious sail means a lot.

UPDATE: This video was removed from YouTube. I hope some of you saw it before it disappeared!


steve said...

Hello Pris,

Just wanted to let you know that I read a couple of your pieces from the Sea
Trails book at a virtual poetry gathering. This was in the Second Life
system, at a virtual coffeehouse called the Pixel Bean. The pieces I read
were Sea Trails, Once Upon a Time, and Courage. They were pretty well
received :) Thank you again for writing that book.


Pris said...

Steve, how thoughtful of you. Thank YOU!