Monday, February 14, 2011

Half-way through February Haiku a Day

These are my haiku so far. I look at about half of them as drafts to come back to later and make better.

a chill
weaves through my bones
weather or ghosts?
feb 1

our lawn pelted
by powderpuff blooms
feb 2

one mouse's life
cut short today
cat snack
Feb 3

voiceless again ...
a song in my heart
waits to be sung
Feb 4

the kitchen
seems ten miles away today
broken wings
Feb 5

our lips
still almost touching
that forgotten photograph
feb 6

my mother's scent
almost washed away
her old jacket
Feb 8

piggy-backed safely
down the dark hall for breakfast
the ghost donkey waits...
feb 9

the plaintive cry
of a blues guitar...
RIP Gary Moore
Feb 10
Fantastic blues guitarist died Sunday night of a heart attack

fish going to school
in Bermuda today
my bare hook
Feb 11-

over her blue pigtails
that naughty inkwell!
Feb 12
(I came after inkwells but the holes for them were still in our grammar school desks and we heard many stories of what little boys did with theirs before us:-)

arm in arm
on this bench by the sea
wed three decades today
Feb 13

curly-haired girl
showing off her cards...
you slip me yours
Feb 14


Gillena Cox said...

ixora in bloom
tiny umbrellas imbibing
the sunlight

Pris said...

That's beautiful, Gillena.

Jim K. said...

fantastic examples of american haiku

Pris said...

Thanks, Jim!