Thursday, February 03, 2011

February is Write a Haiku a Day Month

Has anyone else been doing this among my blog readers? Haiku in the comments are welcome!

I'll post my first two and some selected ones again at the end of the month:

a chill
weaves through my bones
weather or ghosts?

feb 1

our lawn pelted
by powderpuff blooms



Anna G Raman said...

Cool start!

Jim K. said...

Great truncation and projection.

I've been extending poems
lately after a short-po spell,
but I can put a few from the
collection here:


so it seems
i stop at nothing
there i stay



In barren woods
and cold rain,
red maple tips,
tongues to spread
rumors of life.


A place in time
where objects hold still
and minds move


Pris said...

Thanks, Anna.

Jim, those are good. Thanks for posting!