Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Darrell Project by Jim Knowles

It's folded like an accordion, with an intriguing piece of art on the first fold. This little gem fans out to a front and back page of rich, well written poetry. Jim is offering a free copy to the first people to comment. Go for it. I love mine! Jim is the master of saying the most in the least amount of words in his own special 'Jim' style, and does it so well. Your fans want more, Jim.

Go to his page for a jpeg of the project, including some sample poems. His blog is at This hot link opens directly to the page, in a separate window.

Thanks, Jim, for creating yet another way to share good poetry.


mister jim said...

I'm encouraged!The physicals, labor,
and shipping are simple and cheap
for the design. I'll do a book
someday, but this is a good medium
for experiments.

Pris said...

It really is. What program did you use to print the four columns that made a side unfolded. This is a great way to present your poetry!

mister jim said...

The master is actually poems
scissored out and scotch-taped
onto a folded paper. The lines
disappear when I put a pile of
paper over them at the photocopy
shop. (no software)'s a 2->2 B+W photocopy.
The "art medallion" is a pic
with the wallet-print option,
glue-stick'd on after the copy
is folded. Rubbed down with baggie.

Pris said...

That's so creative. I'm amazed the cut lines didn't show.