Sunday, January 10, 2010

Continuing to try to see!

I'm still typing with my eyes closed and using my eyes and light both hurt. I can't read yet, watch a movie on tv, work on the computer. I'm putting this up to let everyone know I've not disappeared.

My new Canon 12MP 20X zoom digital camera has arrived and I'm beginning to learn the controls, which are in different places than my Fuji. I love the camera, though, and am eager to get out there and start shooting photos.

I'm uploading one that was taken before I found where shutter priority was located, but this was long zoom, hand-held with the flower bobbing back and forth in the wind. It has a slight blur. Had I been able to set a fast shutter speed, I think I would've avoided the blur. As you can see, though, given that movement, the shutter lag is minimal and the image stabilization helps tremendously.

I'm also adding , for laughs, how I was dressed yesterday and today. Shot from my webcam. Different socks but dressed that way today. 29 this a.m. in sunny South Florida!

If I don't reply to comments in a timely fashion , I have to ration out how often I can use my eyes. They're better than at the beginning, but still a work in progress.


Toni said...

Hi Pris. I love all three pictures. I wear socks with Birkenstocks in California in winter too! Keep warm and I hope you're able to read soon.

Lyle Daggett said...

I love the photo of the blue flower. On my screen anyway it doesn't look blurred at all, the flower in the foreground looks quite clear and sharp and bright.

The past two weeks the low temps here (Minneapolis) have been mostly below zero at night, sometimes as low as 15 or 20 below. It's dark in the morning when I leave for the bus stop, and dark in the evening when I get home. You go outside and it feels like the air is biting you all over.

Around a foot of snow over Christmas, then on Xmas day it "warmed" up just enough to turn to slush everywhere, then turned hard cold so all the slush froze solid, now the past two weeks there have been vast fields of ice everywhere around the city. Walking on the sidewalk is an adventure.

(The radiators in my place heat pretty well, so have been comfortable inside so far.)

Hoping the best for you. Do be well, Pris.

Jo said...

New camera - mmmmgggggghhhhaaaa (noise like Homer Simpson and a donut).

Pris said...

Hi Toni, I have a high arch and after wearing my first pair about 8 years ago no other shoe feels comfortable to me. It feels as if my foot is sinking on one side.

Lyle, you can only see the blur when I have it full sized and it's very slight. Small like this, it doesn't show at all. Glad you're warm up there and thanks for the good wishes.

Jo, I know. I've been wanting one for about a year my Fuji had such a horrible shutter lag and I love the zoom!

mister jim said...

Nice flower shot!
I can see a slight optics glare
but no motion blurr. It didn't
push your speed and make noise
either. Nice detail rolloff too,
none of the old cut edges.
The Canon has kind of an
"Ectachrome" look.

Pris said...

Hi Jim. Yes, it's a neat camera and I even remember ectachrome film!

mister jim said...

Canon SX20, right? Looks like
the first "killer deal" discount
of the year..sweet! They were all
so stingy before xmas. The chassis
is a throwback design....and
that's a very good thing. Tempted..

cfswarrior said...

How exciting that you got a new camera! I love the pictures. The one where you are bundled up could have been taken over here in CA. I've been bundled up real similarly!

Pris said...

Hi Jim, yes, that's what it is. What little bit I've used it so far I love it.

Terri, the first was with my camera and the bundled up ones with my webcam. Thank goodness it's warmed some now so I don't have to put on the gloves, leg warmers, etc...just a heavy tee under something warm.

Brian Campbell said...

Gorgeous photo. I hope you're getting better...