Friday, December 18, 2009


I'm typing this with my eyes closed. As I posted below, drops an eye doc gave me to soothe the eyes when my sinuses were burning rebounded on me. About three weeks ago after using them, I woke up with blurred vision, as if a big smear was across my eyes. My eyes stopped focusing properly. I couldn't see anything..books, tv, across the street...I let it go fora while since I've been chemically sensitive since ME/CFS started and have often had a reaction to chemicals even after using something for a while. In PT when they massaged my foot before doing the resistance exercises for the injury, I had a rash to the cream. Had an ear fungus. Had an allergic reaction to the med for me ear.

I realize I'm repeating some of the below post but I can't see to read it to weed out duplications...sorry.

The problem has gotten worse before it gets better.

Bottom line is I can't look at light, like this screen so can't respond to comments until I'm better.

The eye doctor had to put a stain in the eye to examine then drops to dilate, both of which created more pain. No health problems with the eye per se. He suggested drops to moisten the eye to help it. Yes, I was dumb . I tried them. They burned. I called in, reminding him that it was a chem sensitive reaction that started all of this. He suggested more drops. A friend googled and found the ingredients were almost identical. At this point, I called my internist. He was trained in India and did his residency/internships here. Very holistic . Listens. Has dealt with me enough now to know I react to almost everything. He was very good....suggested I not put anything else in my else and let time take care of it since the eyes were healthy otherwise. He called the eye doctor for me. This is a man who calls for his patients and calls personally when there's a problem. I don't have to talk to a nurse. I talk to him, so I especially value him.

Since I can't email, people have been calling me. Verbal things wear me out as much as physical, something very hard for people who don't have this illness to understand. My throat is raw from talking to much today and I'm so limp I can barely walk. Tomorrow I don't pick up the phone for anyone.

Now, I'll take one quick peek and see if I made any typing errors. Forgive any I missed.

Thinking of you all over the holidays. I'm okay. It's one day at the time.



Toni said...

I know you can't read this now, Pris, but maybe the "vibe" will come through anyway. Just writing to let you know how sorry I am about your eyes. Thank goodness for your internist. All it takes sometimes is one doctor who cares about us to make it easier to cope.

Heal up soon.

cinderkeys said...

Ack. Good luck. And tell the people who call you to talk slow. :)

Jo said...

Hang in! Hope you feel better sooon.

mister jim said...

The other reactions too...ugh.
Hope the next year is less
allergic than the current one.
Pax vobiscum..

Reflekshins said...

feel better

Anonymous said...

Sorry you are having problems Pris. I remember when I was nursing, administering some eye drops called ''synthetic tears'' moisten the eye.

Hope you are over this soon.
Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours. x x x

Collin Kelley said...

Hope you're feeling better now and your eyes have cleared up. Sending you fond holiday wishes. xo

Pris said...

Thanks all of you. Still having significant eye pain, but the blurring is much better xxxxxxto all!!

Brian Campbell said...

Glad to see you're somewhat better. My best wishes, Pris.