Saturday, September 06, 2008

Not only can you hear Les Paul and Mary Ford but you can learn how to cure halitosis!

I know their music but never saw their tv show. This excerpt is priceless, not to mention Les Paul's guitar work. The man is fantastic!


deconstructing pam said...

les martin is great and the martins are lucky!!! :-)

deconstructing pam said...

oops... was trying to remember the martin's family name while typing and should have written les paul!

JimK said...

Incredible'd think
it was a Moog synthesizer.

A whole marriage fixed by
Listerine...simpler times...haha ;-)

Brian Campbell said...

Listerine started out as floor cleaner; if it was four times as effective as toothpaste, as they claim, I wounder if it could double as such?

Pris said...

Pam, a friend told me that Les Paul and Mary Ford were the first, also , to lay down simultaneous tracks in the recording studio. Now, of course, that's the way it's done.

Jim, I'm out to buy Listerine right now:-) Brian, I'll pour it on the floor and see what happens(not really(. I never knew that!

For all of you, I got in to the doc yesterday and it seems I've had two kinds of infections going on at one time. Groggy today from the new med but hope it kicks in soon. I'm getting tired of moaning and complaining on the blog...sigh.