Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Challenge

Write the the first 2-3 lines of verse that comes to mind as soon as you see this. First impression. No thinking.


Annie Wicking said...

Your eyes look out at me.
No thoughts echo in my mind nor words speak aloud to me.

I hope these are okay, Pris.

Best wishes,

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

He said, "Well, blow me over the head," so I did.

Well, all blood and eyes I am.

Didi Menendez said...

Three chickadees on my head.
Two trees on my eyes.
I ran out of cantaloupes today.

Collin said...

Before I wake, your face
fractures, eyes multiply
to see every secret thing

DeadMule said...

That was the night he tore out their eyes, left blood on the violets.

DeadMule said...

the line break is between their and eyes. No idea why it isn't there.

Lyle Daggett said...

is this what i see
this is a world of knowing
and knowing, made entirely of eyes

Pris said...

You guys are amazing! From the sensual to the lyrical to the surreal to gore. I love it!

Scot said...

look within the broken glass
and see me looking out
of yesterday

Paul said...

Avid admiration
Patterns perception
Nullifying into nimbus negatives.

Pris said...

These are all really craative and good!

JimK said...

Two minds in one alone in the dark
spawn the roaming eyes
of yearning.

Pris said...

Jim, I like!

JimK said...

The roaming eyes are a symbol
in an art piece I did. I wonder
if they are used that way
elsewhere. The eyes that are
not tied to the obligations
of your one body...

ButtonHole said...

Eyes like benedictions like snakes like holes in threads
invert a dream and
when we run
we start at the other end of sleep

Beryl Singleton Bissell said...

She told me I'd been born
wearing a caul.

Pris said...

You guys are coming up with some great ones!

anonymous said...

the negative diagonals back through
her history, first kiss, first yearbook,
new notebook blinking its bright white empty first page.


Pris said...

Hi anonymous,
I went to your blog. It's good. I hope you keep writing in it. You're now in my 'blogs I follow' list below my links list.