Wednesday, September 10, 2008

'Don't Miss A Sec' exhibit in Switzerland...unusual!

This public toilet was created by an artist in Switzerland as an experiment. People feel comfortable with other people they may not know well seeing them doing some private things, but not others. Going to the bathroom is one of those others. The first photo is of the public toilet seen from the outside, constructed of the type of glass used to observe without being observed.

In the second image you can see how it looks being inside. You wonder...can they really see?

Snopes goes into more detail and the images can be made larger there but copying a teaser phrase from the site isn't allowed so go to SNOPES to read the article. I was searching for another urban legion when this came up in the choices. This one isn't an urban legion. It's true.


Annie Wicking said...

Hi Pris,
No way could I use that loo... Too scary for me. I hate it if anyone talks to me while I'm in the loo. At work, some women chatty to each other when they going in, while they're doing their business and still talking when they come out. I find it very off putting... Does that say something about my state of mind, I wonder?

JimK said...

Yikes...if someone outside
darkens things around their eyes
they can look back in..

Art and Poetry said...

Its a lot nicer than public toilets in England it looks very clean, but very odd.

Scot said...

I am thinking somebody will walk up and adjust their contact or apply make up.

Pris said...

It's amazingly clean, isn't it..makes me wonder if it's a functioning toilet (thought the site says it is). I've never seen a public toilet anywhere that clean. And Scot, oh my...I can't imagine being in there while somebody comes up to put on lipstick. Yikes.