Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Sharing a wonderful photographer.

Geoff Sanderson, an online friend of mine from Yorkshire, England, a wonderful photographer and haijun, just shared his daughter's slide site on Flickr. The apple didn't fall far from the tree. These are more than just photographs, in my opinion. They're art forms. She has an incredible feel for texture and color in her shooting. Take the time to look at even a few. You won't regret it.(Her user name is with the photos)

Click Here!


JimK said...

Beautiful. Shows a
knack for finding just
the right angle. That's
a trademark of great digital
photog. You would go broke
trying for that perfect angle
with regular film. And a really
subtle hand on the histogram
too. Super textures. Meantime, I
must remember the lessons. One of
which is I have to pony up some $$.
I don't dare ask his cam model...heh.

JimK said...

Oops...her cam model..

ButtonHole said...

I don't have anything technical to say about these. Only that they are beautiful, and make me glad to be alive, and in the world.

Is there anything else, really?

Thanks so much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

From Geoff's daughter, Kate:

Thankyou for you kind comments and appreciation. I have had numerous occasions to blush this week, with praise being heaped on my photography from a number of quarters.

With two artistic parents I suppose it was inevitable and I owe much of what I appreciate as beauty in this world, to their influence.

As a solitary Pagan I feel very closely linked to Mother Nature, and I find signs of divine inspiration in the most mundane places.

My camera by the way, really isn't that special. Its a mid-range compact digital Olympus FE-230 7.1 mega pixel. I'm afraid that I have no real understanding of the mechanics of photography at all, though my dream would be to own a digital SLR and learn how to use it properly.

Pris said...

I'm so glad you posted. You've had admirers, as you can see. You are indeed inspired, along with, yes, having two talented parents.

JimK said...

Impressive. Mother Earth
is very striking where you
are. Placing your eyes in just
the right spot does a lot.

sakuo said...

Thank you Pris san for nice slide show.
I felt the sprit of haiku in this work.
And you, picking up this work, are real haiku-ist who found the same jumping action in the slide show as well as Haiku.


Pris said...

Hi Sakuo san
You're absolutely right. The spirit of haiku permeates her work!