Monday, May 12, 2008

A beautiful gesture for CFIDS Awareness Day--May 12

I received the below email yesterday (printed in part below). The song is beautiful, as is the rest of her music. I highly recommend a visit to the link in the note below. Thank you again, Susan.

Today is CFIDS Awareness Day. Listen to her song. Google CFIDS. Visit my about me pageon my website to learn more.

Both my link and hers open in a new window.

Susan's note:

I've put up a song on my band's Myspace page related to living with undiagnosed CFIDS: (If it doesn't start playing immediately, click the "Everybody Knows
About Me" link.)

My aim in writing "Everybody Knows About Me" was twofold. First, I wanted people with CFIDS or similar invisible illnesses to feel they weren't alone -- that not everyone believes it's just hypochondria or laziness. Second, I wanted to make nonsufferers understand why it's silly to believe that CFIDS/other invisible illnesses are just hypochondria or laziness.

If you like the song, please give the link to your readers. The most important thing that can happen for people with CFIDS is a cure, or at least more effective treatment. But since I'm not a doctor or a medical researcher, the best I can do is try to help create an environment where voters think it's a good idea to fund CFIDS research at a higher level than hay fever.

Thanks for listening. I hope you like the song.


Susan Wenger


Kerry said...

Can I copy the link and email onto my blog as a post for the day?

Pris said...

That would be wonderful! Yes. Thank you!

Kerry said...

Thank you. I've done that.

Oh and "snap". I got sick September 1990 too. I've lost track of the exact date, but I think it was somewhere around the 7th or the 12gh.

Scot said...

thanks for the post Pris--will do

Anonymous said...

Hi Pris
Just listened to the song...the lyrics are so original and the mood of the apt.
I love the graphics for the name of the band... and had a look at some of the pics too.
Thanks for sharing.

Pris said...

Kerry, glad you got that on. Scot and Ellen, thanks!