Friday, May 30, 2008

2-string bikini

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sakuo said...


patsu datsu wa~
barei bouru ya
bikini kana

translated by Sakuo.
I could not undestand meaning of the first line.
Is it sound of hiting ball?


Pris said...

Sakuo san
How nice to have a translation. Thank you.

Line one is both motion and sound.

'Jiggle, wiggle' is the movement of the womens' bodies (especially their bouncing breasts) as they jump for the ball. 'Wham' is both the movement and sound made as a hand slaps the ball to send it across the court.

Tell me if that makes it clearer and if it fits what you translated.

I love your blog pages with the Japanese and the English for the haiga!

Scot said...

ah, the beach offers so much more than sand..nice iamge

Pris said...

Hi Scot
Yes, it takes me back to younger years!

JimK said...

Fun 'mirage/telescope' effect
on the insert. A moon, a phantasm.

DeadMule said...

Love it, Pris. I remember those volleyball games, only ours were at a Christian Youth camp where 'jiggle wiggle' was verboten, but only to the degree one can regulate 'jiggle wiggle.' LOL Helen

Middle Ditch said...

I read your previous post Priss and was so saddened by your story of your first husband. Wars leave dreadful scars that others are just unable to understand. And I LOVED that wedding photograph.

Pris said...

Hi Helen, yes, sometimes the jiggle is there without the bikini:-)

Monique, thank you. It was a blissful wedding under an arch of swords with the other junior officers also in dress uniform. War is a universal destroyer of the human spirit.

sakuo said...

Pris san, thank you, I could understand 'Jiggle, wiggle'

My second version


burun burun
barei bouru no
bikini kana

Breasts swing differently in different countries.


Pris said...

Sakuo san
Thank you again! I didn't know that about breasts, either.

Anonymous said...

A word picture.
A picture pun.
Wham bam.
Thank you ma'am.


Pris said...

Thanks for stopping by. I just made a quick visit to your blog and will visit more later when I have more time. I like that shot of the crow.

Robert Bennie said...

This is exactly what I am doing right here right now.


Pris said...

Hi Robert
I don't get a profile for you. Hope one is in the works.

Jade said...


Pris said...

Hi Jade. Thanks.