Friday, January 18, 2008


                                    for Jackson Pollock

Tell about the demons you archetyped
into those paint splattered canvases,Jackson.
Clattering paint cans and feet ablur,
you whirled around your emerging images;
a shaman.
The wind couldn't pace you.

Now, art critics fractal your paintings,
see equations in your shifting Scheherazades,
your Rorshachs for 1001 nights.
Their theories impress Berkenstocked art lovers,
confuse curious tourists up from Orlando.
Your dance was cut far too short.

Unlike you, I hold my own dark dreams close.
Short-shadowed by the noonday sun, they puddle.
You were the brave one.
You flew headlong into treacherous skies
where not even Superman could save you.

photo of Pollock in action.



Pat Paulk said...

Pris, I do love your poetry!!

Pris said...

Hi Pat
Thanks. Sorry I've not made the rounds as of late. I can imagine you've been busy, too.

Middle Ditch said...

pris, a happy new year ... you deserve it.

TOR Hershman said...

Howdy do, Pris.
The cool thingy about fictional characters NOT being able to save you issssssssss, they can't condem you either.
Followers of the fictions can be a real pain, though.

Say, I bet you'd dig moi's wee parody song
“The Little Bummer Boy”

You you poetic ear 'tis wonderful, Pris.

Stay on groovin’ safari,

Scot said...

This last stanza is a work of art. Great write. Hope your holiday was good. Happy New Year

Pris said...

Tor and Scott...thank you!

Monique said...

Pris I have created a new blog.

colleen said...

Very nice. Have you seen this: Click and it changes color.

Pris said...

Hi Monique
I've been there, as you've figured out by now-)

Colleen..yes, isn't that a neat site? Making my own 'Pollock' there was what got this poem going. I've seen his work at the MOMA, too, and found it intriguing.

DeadMule said...

Hi Pris, I love this one. Helen

Collin said...

Love it, esp. that last stanza!

Pris said...

Helen and Collin..thanks for stopping by and the very nice feedback!