Wednesday, January 30, 2008

...and my final three.


(cartoon of White Rabbit as sung by the irreplacable Grace Slick and Jefferson Airplane. A must see!)


Libertango by Yo Yo Ma with clips from 'The Dance Lesson. This man's music stirs my blood. I heard him on a simulcast on the educational channel live at Carnegie Hall in the eighties and stood up alone in the room after screaming bravo! What can be more passionate than his music combined with the tango?? Wow!


Both Sides Now, with clips from the movie, Love Actually. I love this later version of this song.

I didn't get in the sensual sexual per se. Next time:-) Think Amy Winehouse's F**k me pumps vid, which I found thanks to Collin.
Now, if they will accept the challenge, or have time to do it, I tag Lee Herrick, Ray Sweatman, Jim Knowles, and Iri ..don't ask me to bungle the spelling of her last name. It's Finnish and too complex for this early in the morning. Nomiker..Blue Skies Over A Redhead, a poet who posts most of her beautiful poems on MySpace.


JimK said...

heh...I think I sent you
the Winehouse vid. Or maybe
both Collin and myself.
Keep your fingers crossed for Amy.

sam of the ten thousand things said...

"White Rabbit" is an amazing choice - but my favorite that you've listed is "Both Sides Now". What a song. Great list, Pris.

Pris said...

Thanks, both of you, for checking this out. Jim, you both must've sent it to me. Great minds.....:-)

Collin said...

Pris, the Libertango is actually from The Tango Lesson, the film by Sally Potter. A brilliant dance sequence.

Pris said...

I've had that movie on hold at Netflix for ages. It's not been released yet. I'm really eager to see it. I've loved every tango movie I've seen.