Monday, April 16, 2007

A Word With Bukowski (an older one)

It's no good.
Me, doing that
mirror, mirror
on the wall thing,
smearing my
wrinkles with Arden
while you moan
about old chorus girls
and the horrors of
ingrown toenails
in prison.

You always could
out talk me, you know.

I tell you I have visions
of Dorothy's shoes,
empty on the yellow
brick road, and that
mid-earth explosions
will destroy our dreams
anyway, hoping
to impress with profundity.

You roll bored eyes,
tap one finger on the countertop.

I wish you could have
come when my breasts
still burned men's hands
and my laugh chased
away all blackbirds of sorrow.

But those days have been
drained, like fine wine,
so yes, let us talk
about worn-out furnaces,
overdue mortgages,
liver spots,
and watch the buzzards
draw straws over who
gets the last rib.

Pris Campbell

The poem that prompted this response is The Blackbirds Are Rough Today..

This poem was given a Bonsai award at Mipo and published in their Bonsai poetry collection. Thanks!

It also appears in my chapbook, Abrasions, published by Rank Stranger Press.


Pat Paulk said...

I am a huge Bukowski fan. I relate to this on all counts. Well, I guess my breasts never burned, but, I have had my hands burned, a time or two. Love it!!

Pris said...

Thanks, Pat..burned hands, eh?:-)

tom said...

enjoyed this

one of my former students just discovered buk, funny to read a young man's joy at discovering poetry of a crusty old bastard - oddly buk has always seemed old even when he wasn't

i sent him a link to bukowski's poem about his cat

Pris said...

I think Buk was BORN old:-) And yes, he's such a discovery to most poets somewhere along their road.