Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Fools Day (Click to enlarge)

Do you have a haiku or short poem or a prank pulled on you, perhaps, for April Fools Day?? Share, if so.


Pat Paulk said...

I'm feeling the same way. Happy AF day!!

Annie Wicking and Loman Austen said...

Hi Just dropped bye to say hello...

Best wishes


Berenice said...

Nobody would dare pull an April fools prank on me ;-)

Actually this is not April fools but I remember when we were kids our parents calling us in from the garden and asking us would we like some macaroni and us (ever hungry) said yes. When we got in there was a box of polystyrene packaging which looked just like macaroni tubes and our parents laughing hysterically. I treasure that memory!! B xx

PS: My cat goes back to bed when I have to get up early for work. He curls up on the end of my bed and ignores my comments about how I am jealous of him and it's all right for some. Recently I've decided to be a bit kinder and I tell him how wise he is and how he's got the right idea. He still ignores me!!

Anonymous said...

Ha...hey B, don't you be too sure. There's always next year!!!
Love the haiga Pris.Cats always have a way of looking so totally relaxed,although we all know they can jump start into action in the blink of an eye.
I only played one April's Fool joke when I was about 13. I sliced some carrot, put it in a polythene bag of water and took it to school, making out I had won a goldfish at the fair on the way to school!!!
I then sat in a biology lesson and ceremoniously ''ate'' the contents of my bag to a chorus of ''eewws''.
Even I cringed, when I thought of what the rest of the kids and teacher were thinking.

Pris said...

Hi Annie! And B, aren't cats smart??:-)
Ellen, what a naughty girl you were lol.

Pris said...

Pat, I just saw your note. darn, I missed your greeting.