Friday, February 16, 2007

Yo Yo Ma again!

These are the beginning lines of an article about my favorite cellist in an online article from Minnesota Public Radio:

If I had to describe cellist Yo-Yo Ma in one word, that word would be "passion." That's why the title of his new release, "Appassionato" is so appropriate. In listening to this musical retrospective of his career, we discover that Yo-Yo Ma's affection isn't just about the music; it's really more about the people making the music. On this new release, he's joined by nine different pianists, several different orchestras, and performers from various countries and musical traditions.
Read the rest of the article at Yo-Yo Ma keeps alive the passion

When I first saw YoYo Ma play on public television, passion was the first word that came to me, right after talent. He's an extraordinary musician and human being.


Berenice said...

Now this name seems to ring a bell. I've heard of him but never heard him before.

Pris said...

I've posted some of his youtube links on my blog before. Hearing him play is exciting. Watching him play, even more so. I'll try to find a link again and send you. Youtube has been in some copyright arguments lately and some things have been taken off. He's fantastic!!!

steve said...

I love listening to YoYo Ma playing solo cello pieces, especially Bach. I play violin, which I started about six years ago, and now play in a five-piece folk-rock group, we play in coffee houses and sometimes in bars, although we don't like to play much later than 10 PM :)

Now, off to find YoYo on YouTube!

Pris said...

You play violin?? Sighhh..I played piano, clarinet and sax in high school, but wanted to play violin so badly. No violin teachers. Later, I played uke, then guitar for a while, then returned to the piano for many years before I got CFIDS. I would love to play with a group. I played in our dance band in school and it's just plain fun.

You'll find some good Yo Yo Ma on youtube!

steve said...

Yes, I did find some good quality recordings there! And he's great to watch. I'm not all that great at violin, but enough to enjoy the music that we do. Sometimes simple goes a long way.

Enjoyed listening to you read some of the pieces on ODEO (?), passed the link along to another band member who likes writing & reading poetry.


Pris said...

I love to watch him, too. And thanks for passing along the ODEO link. If your friend writes poetry, ODEO is a really nice way to record and share it.

You can also upload a file of something from your hard drive, like if your group ever taped something via a mike into a computer.