Friday, February 09, 2007

Look At Me (a new site)

Old Photographs have always fascinated me. My mother had some in the collection of ancestral photos she passed down to me. Photos of young women in turn of the century garb. Unknown babies, by now grown and dead, staring up at some powder-fired camera. Her mother had never identified them to her except that they weren't family. I often wondered who they were. I used to see stacks of old photos at flea markets occasionally, too, and tintypes. When I was in my twenties, all of my photos from my grad school days and friends in Hawaii were stolen from our car along with other belongings. I imagine they ended up in the trash somewhere or a dump. I sometimes still wonder about those, too. Did some stranger end up finding a photo of a young woman in a mumu, her arms around a couple of friends, with the ocean in the background and think , 'who is she'? The following is a tintype my mother found in an old shop back in the seventies. Click to enlarge.

At any rate, I found this Kim K site fascinating. When you click on one photo you'll see an archives list to the left that'll take you to more. They've had people send in scans of around 600 plus now and are welcoming new additions. Enjoy!

One of the old photos from the site (click to see it larger):

To see more, go to


Ellen M Johns said...

There is something very fascinating about old photographs.
As much as the trend is to edit them and clean them up nowadays, I still think they are better left untouched.

Annie Wicking & Loman Austen said...

Hi Pris,
I love old photos too.
I've reseached my family history too and have placed some of my family stories along side some other families I have reseached on my blog'Dead men talk'blog
you can get to it via my link on my blog.

best wishes