Sunday, December 17, 2006

The new version??

Has anybody switched to it? One friend did earlier and suddenly when I tried to comment on her blog it asked ME for a google sign-in password and didn't automatically recognize me. Every time I go to the dashboard now I get a message saying move to the updated version and adding that I'll have to sign up with a google address. I have gmail but I don't have a clue what they're talking about with the sign-in thing. I honestly wish blogger would subscribe to the philosophy of 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it.'

Oh, I'll put up a notice after the weekend, but this will be my last blog until January 2. Closing until the madness of the holiday mail, etc is over.

Happy holidays!


Pat Paulk said...

Pris, I had to sign up with a google account everyday this week to be able to post on Beta bloggers. Got a notice on my dashboard I was ready to switch over. Tried, and it wouldn't let me. I understand it was a blanket message and I'm not the only one that happened to. I have gone two days now without having to resign up with a google account. Grrrrr
Pris hope ya'll have a great holiday!!!!!

polona said...

same thing happening to me just as pat described. it sucks!

have a great holiday!

Pris said...

I hope they don't force a changeover until they fix the bugs! Happy holidays to you!

Helen Losse said...

O how I love Wordpress.
O how I love Wordpress.
O how I love Wordpress,
Because it just stays put!

And what's more, :-) converts to a real smiley face.

Sometimes we just get lucky.

And no wiggle-words before you can comment. YES!!!

Pris said...

If I didn't have so darn much STUFF here I'd switch. Before the wiggle words, spam had become almost a daily event, but darn, sometimes I have to try three times to copy the words before I can post!

Lyle Daggett said...

I started a Beta blog (the new version of blogger) under a slightly different user ID, with no particular contents in it, just a few test messages I've posted, just to have a chance to practice with the new version.

If I were starting a blog from scratch, I would probably like the new version -- some things about it (like adding links, and moving around sidebar sections, etc.) are simpler than in the "old" version. But I've seen so many ridiculous stories of problems people have had trying to switch that I'm leery of it.

I'd absolutely recommend saving backups of the template and as much else as possible before switching. (And I'm with you, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.)

Pris said...

Hi Dave
Will the new version let you 'transplant' the old templet? It would be easy enough to save that and the links that would be impossible to find again. As I said before,I imagine at some point when it's out of Beta we'll have no choice. At that point I just don't know. Already I can't post comments on blogs that have switched over.

Brian Campbell said...

Thanks for opening up this discussion. I was just about to switch over (sheep-like). Now I'll save backups of the template and wait.

Anonymous said...

I changed to the 'new version', just answered some simply questions...

First backuped all the messages, I was not so interesting about my templates, only some (good ones!) links; they reminded all ok.

All worked OK after new signing in, and everything was there as before. Only small problem is that I must login every time I try to say something. Perhaps it is OK?

Lost my very wise comments first when forgot to first sign in. Stupid? Well, maybe, maybe not.

Pris said...

I have to log in for every new post, but not for every comment. This version automatically recognizes a member. I'm waiting until they drag me into the new version screaming:-)

burning moon said...

yeah I'm waiting too. I'm so tired of changing everything all the time. I simply don't have the time or energy to keep up with every new thing.

I'll keep my blog the way it is until I have no choice. I really have neither use nor need for a google account and I resent being coerced into getting one.

Merry Christmas Pris!