Thursday, December 14, 2006

Interchangeable Goddesses released by Rose of Sharon Press

The below information has been posted by Rose of Sharon editors, S.A. Griffin and David Smith. Thank you both for caring enough for my poetry and Tammy's to do this book and for doing such a fine job!

Rose of Sharon Press is proud to announce the release of the debut book of its 3 Virgins Chapbook Series, Interchangeable Goddesses by Pris Campbell and Tammy Trendle.

Working independently, two women from different generations have combined to produce a collection of poems that are a direct shot into the center of the endless web of the mind and the body through power, disease, lust and tears. These poems are the glorious noise that exists between the silences, and are dedicated to the elimination of fear and all of its ugly limitations.

$8.00, postage paid. Make checks payable to S.A. Griffin. Available from Rose Of Sharon Press, POB 29171, Los Angeles, CA 90029-0171.


Pat Paulk said...

Congratulations to both of ya'll!!! Ordering mine today!

Pris said...

Thanks, Pat!!!

Helen Losse said...

Way to go, Pris!

Pris said...

Thanks, Helen. You may remember S.A. Griffin as co-editor of The American Book of Outlaw Poetry.

polona said...

congratulations to you both!

Pris said...

Thanks, Polona!

And I think that was The Outlaw Book of American Poetry. Can't lay my hands on it to check. Gads. No brain.:-)