Monday, September 04, 2006

Happy Labor Day

...with a painting by Degas. The Green Singer

a bird
slices the silence...


RachelChisholm2006 said...

A lady of few words tonight pris. Effective.

Pat Paulk said...

I'll take several slices, please...

Pris said...

Slices being parceled out:-)

Alan Summers said...

Dear Pris,

My partner has M.E. and is still recovering, but getting better all the time, and hasn't needed to see her fab Dr Dowson for nearly a year. He's the kind of good doctor who is absolutely delighted she doesn't need to see him for all the best reasons.

Information needs to be pooled and collated for CFS and M.E. etc... internationally not just each country, because all the information out there needs to be centralised.

I'm sure he even wouldn't mind a chat when you can.
He helped put a number of poets and other people back on their feet, more than the usual 75% recovery. There's no miracle cure as you know, but there is a wealth of information from 50 years ago to the present day not being utilised properly.

Here's his website/pages:
Dr David Dowson M.B., Ch.B.

Dr Dowson lectures extensively, particularly on M.E., and has advised the House of Commons, M.P., and the Select Committee of the House of Lords on Complementary Medicine.

By the way, ahem, it's Degas not Dagas. ;-)

Always love a twilight haiku, and I love that "slices the silence"!

Pris said...

First of all, thanks for spotting that typo. I make tons of them and do know the correct spelling of his name, so am grateful when somebody spots an error and tells me.

I'm going to follow that link. I agree with you about centralization of treatment ideas. I'm also very fortunate to see an immunologist who uses a lot of natural methods with me along with sparing meds, as needed. I've come a long way from when i couldn't even look at a computer screen, but I'm still basically housebound, so I'm going to that link next to see if I can glean any new ideas. It's so good to hear success stories. I see them in my doc's office, too. Am just hoping it happens for me, too.

Come back again!


pepektheassassin said...

What happened to Tom Waits? I LOVE Tom Waits! O well. That's the way the needle pricks, thats the way the glue sticks.

I do love the Degas, too. And the poem. Thank you.

Pris said...

This is really weird. He was here earlier. I played him from the blog to test out the post. I brought the page up just now and the post was gone. Went into my dashboard. It still showed as a post. Just hit 'edit' and ran it through again. If he disappears again, all we can assume is that a fan stole him.

And thanks about the Degas and haiku.

Michael Parker said...

Very nice. The verse goes so well with Degas painting.

Pris said...

Thanks, Michael. Good to see you!