Thursday, May 11, 2006

Two more by Redon (Click to Enlarge

Note: I googled Redon at and the following describes his work, as well as a book I have my eye on about him. A link to the book is in the comments under this post. As I posted back to Pat, I was last at the MOMA in 1988, before they amassed Redon's art. If it had been there then, the museum would've had to evict me:-)

From Amazon:

Book Description
Caught between description and dream, the felt and the imagined, French artist Odilon Redon, whose career bridged the 19th and 20th centuries, transformed the natural world into nightmarish visions and bizarre fantasies. Closely allied with the Symbolist movement, Redon offered his own interpretations of literary, biblical, and mythological subjects; created a universe of strange hybrid creatures; and presented landscape in a singular way: we see grinning disembodied teeth, smiling spiders, melancholic floating faces, winged chariots, unfamiliar plant life, and velvety black or colored swirls of atmosphere. With a recent gift from the Ian Woodner family, The Museum of Modern Art is now the site of the most significant body of the artist's work outside France, and this book will showcase the full range of Redon's varied oeuvre--charcoal "noirs," luminous pastels, richly textured canvases, literary collaborations, and experiments in printmaking--and will illuminate the hold his particular kind of modernism has had on both 20th-century and contemporary artists. Essay by Jodi Hauptman. Hardcover, 9.25 x 11 in./256 pgs / 142 color and 160 duotones.


Michael Parker said...

I LOVE them!

Pris said...

I thought you would! His use of color is absolutely stunning, along with his subject matter. I googled him and the book I have from the seventies, filled with colour plates and sketches no longer exists. One book of his work is a whopping 170 dollars, but this one from MOMA looks super

Redon Book
Apparently, MOMA has ammassed the biggest body of his work, other than in France, over the years. Great news. This one is more moderately priced. Think I'll put it on my 'wish' list for my next birthday.

Pat Paulk said...

Yes, these are great!! Good luck on your birthday!!

Pris said...

I have around two months to convince my husband that it'll make a great present, then I'll order it and hand it to him to give it to me:-)

I'm as much disappointed that I only saw the one Redon. I was last in New York in 1988 and went to the MOMA twice, I love that place so much. If there was a Redon there then, it was well hidden since I scoured the place...and now he's huge there. Maybe one day...

Endment said...

The colors are breathtaking!
I am hoping for clean air so I can make a trip into the city and see for myself :=)