Sunday, May 21, 2006

Poets Against Plagiarism

Some of you are already either members or supporters of the new blog Poets Against Plagiarism. If you're not, please visit this blog and consider full membership, giving you the right to make new posts, or email one of us and become a supporter. This is for busy people who would like to steps to stop plagiarism, but don't have the time to actively participate. You would still have the right to comment, as you do on this blog, and that would be welcomed.

The plagiarism banner is on my page and that one. I ask you...please either copy this banner and post it somewhere on your blog, website, or your journal, if an editor, showing clearly that you're making a statement . If you have no way to host a banner, add a text link to the blog in capital letters so it stands out.

For now, follow the above link to the blog. Read through it and let's start joining together on this issue. True, our legal rights are nil, but we do have the right to ask that a proven plagiarist 'cease and desist'. Already, three plagiarised poems have been removed from one site due to mail from the original poet and a letter from me, as co-admin of that blog. So it DOES work!



darkman said...

Check out my blog.

Pris said...

I'm not clear what it was you wanted me to see.

Michael Parker said...

Good morning, Pris. I'll get the banner added to my website tonight. Good job with this project.

Pris said...

Thank you so much. You have a lot of readers, so the banner will bring good attention to the project!

Michael Parker said...

That's very kind of you to say, Pris. I hope I do.