Sunday, February 14, 2010

Been missing in action again.

My friend from college days came to stay with me last Monday through Friday. Those of you with ME/CFS who follow my blog know how wonderful it is to see a friend and also how much energy it takes, at the same time. I did little else since I wanted to focus on spending what time I could with Marilyn. Fortunately, she understands my limitations and never pushes me. I push myself, though, so we made one ride over the the ocean together and I even made it into a small shoestore in downtown Lake Worth to try on some sandals I badly needed. In the interim, I zoned out and we talked short times inbetween. My sleep has been off so my energy is low right now, but I'm happy. I'm especially happy that our friendship, one of those rare from the heart ones, has lasted all the way back from my teens.

This is us by our bench. This man wandered along while I was photographing Marilyn, to the left, and asked if I wanted him to take a photo. It was only after I looked at him, seeing only sunglasses like most other people were wearing, and held out the camera that he laughed and said he was blind. His friend walked up then and got all of us.

Below are some more shots of Lake Worth Beach that day. Lake Worth rims the southern end of West Palm Beach with no break between. Lake Worth Beach is over the bridge from downtown and about 8 miles south of Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, home to the moneyed and well as Donald Trump's mansion, now club--once the Emily Post mansion.

I call this one 'Taking a stroll with the gulls' :-)

The below shot was taken at full 20x zoom. The surfer you see if being towed by the kite high in the air.

Below is me with the Lake Worth Pier, finally repaired from the 2004 hurricanes, behind me. I unfortunately look like the hurricane hit ME lol.

The woman here has her sunglasses on her head and is bending, feeding the gulls, who are eager to gather quickly when food appears. Some will swoop to try to take lunch from your hand if you're careless enough to hold it high enough. Brazen birds, indeed!!:-)

And finally, here we are on my webcam on Marilyn's last day here.


Jo said...

I think one of the upsides of CFS is that we treasure these experiences much more than we would have. Great photos - really lifted me, thanks.

Pris said...

We do treasure those times,don't we!

laryalee said...

Hi Pris, just checking in to see how you are, and was delighted to find these photos!
Warm wishes to you, my friend...and I hope the year ahead will be good for you.

Pris said...

Lary!! I've missed you!