Monday, February 08, 2010

Australia...the movie. It's epic. It's wonderful!

Australia is a very long movie, but I'm so glad I rented it. The music...the characters...the story. Hugh Jackman. Need I say more??


Toni said...

I loved it too, Pris. It didn't get good reviews here or (according to a friend who lives there) in Australia. But I thought it had everything: good story, spectacular scenery, a dose of history (I looked up the history of Northern Australia in WW II at Wikipedia and the movie was very accurate), and find acting.

Anonymous said...

I saw the trailer for this and was drawn in by the scenery...I must rent it out. x

mister jim said...

Looks quite epic!
I wonder about the fit to the
Australian demeanor, though.
Looks great for Canada, and in the
right season for the US
(summer vaca).

Someone pointed me to the youtube
"Hercules Returns" clips. The
movie was a smash in Aus. in the
90's. Far, far from this though..

Pris said...

Hi Jim, there's a mythic quality to this movie even though there's the bit about the war in there based on historical fact. It really worked for me on that basis, rather than 'this is Australia'.

Ellen, yes, do.

Pris said...

Toni, Missed you there. Glad you saw it.