Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rumors of my abduction...

...have been greatly exaggerated. The big computer install began Saturday with my angel-in-disguise tech friend spending the day here getting my new Dell put together, attached to every gadget I had in the room and installing several of the major programs I use.

Norton Antivirus
Front Page 2000 (ancient, but it works and I like the version)
Office 97 (yes, it works with Vista)
Paint Shop Pro X2
Itunes (for my Ipod, but it's not great in Vista, so took it back off. The music on my ipod already will do just fine for now)

The week before I'd backed up obsessively to my second drive (which was to become an extra external hard drive) and my existing hard drive, but , so far, seem to have lost one of my favorite plug ins for Paint Shop and can't remember its name!

Since Saturday, I've added more programs. One small one crashed the machine. Forget that one. Another tiny utility CCleaner, which I use to free up my computer, froze on install even though the latest version is supposed to work on Vista. I'll try it again later.

The rest of the time has been spent in learning the new mail system, deleting triplicate copies of addresses imported to it, and adding some in that didn't get imported. Next came finding where things were in the control panel. Yes, I go in there a lot to fix things or find programs and why Vista changed the name of add/remove programs is beyond me. A challenge to the brain cells?? Google became my new best friend in locating things in the system.

Today was crash day. The few remaining programs and utilities can wait. I have a functioning computer now. Time to relax and enjoy it. Thank goodness for external drives. I had all of my files onto the computer in less than half an hour. (My MP3s took over 15 minutes of that...yes, lots of music!)

A bit more r & r and I'll actually start visiting blogs again.


an old adobe six


Collin Kelley said...

Welcome back!

Monique said...

Yikes! This is something I have to look forward to then.

Pris said...

Thanks, Collin...and yes, Monique..prepare to enslave yourself to the computer for a while. I've done this before when hard drives failed and I hate it every time.