Monday, March 09, 2009

Chiron Call for Punk Submissions

I love this journal. I just received an image in the mail announcing their latest call for submissions. Punk means off the beaten path, surprising, nonconventional, edgy. I'm going to shoot for it, but think most of my poetry is too tame. What about you?

Here are the specifics:

The editors of CHIRON REVIEW are reading submissions for an "All Punk Poetry" issue to be published Dec., 2009. Poetry, fiction, b/w line art, comics/cartoons, photos, nonfiction, whatever should be sent via snailmail with self-addressed, stamped envelope for reply/return to: Chiron Review, Attn: PUNK, 522 E. South Ave., St. John, KS 67576. Name and complete mailing address should appear on every poem, story, etc. Deadline: Sept. 1, 2009. Material is copyrighted in author's/artist's name. Payment: one contributor's copy with 50% discount on additional copies


Collin Kelley said...

Chiron is a great journal. I highly recommend it.

Pris said...

Isn't it super?? I'm fortunate to have a poem in the current issue which headlines A.D. Winans, a friend of mine.

I saw your poetry in Tears in the Fence, Collin. Excellent writing, as always. I love your poetry.

colleen said...

I wish I had some examples of Punk Poetry. I may like to see what I got that comes close.

Pris said...

I wish I had examples, too. Perhaps the Chiron website might be helpful with that?