Wednesday, February 18, 2009

'Pretty' Forwards

Maybe I'm a grump today since I'd been feeling pretty good, then was exposed to flu when I went for my fasting bloodwork last Wed and came down with it myself Saturday. I could crawl into a hole and not come out until this passes I feel so lousy. This is one of my five minutes awake, so decided to air a gripe. Mass forwards!

If I go the rest of my life and never see another 'You're my friend, because..' or 'This flower is just for you....' or 'Cute kitten and antelope...', you name it, followed by 'Send this on to all of your friends and one back to me, too' or by 'Something wonderful will happen if you pass this on to 10 friends within the next five minutes' or 'Bad luck will follow you if you don't send this on'. Jesus Louise. And jokes. If I wanted to read that many jokes, I'd buy a joke book.

I never mind a close friend very occasionally forwarding me, individually, something he or she feels is something I'd like to see. My close friends don't mass forward to me, nor me to them. I mean, how many flowers, cute puppies, reindeer, kittens, children doing funny things can one person look at, especially if it's a video you have to sit through if you're tempted to look.

So, I'm saying, if you're my friend, take me off your cute things/ joke forwarding list. Warn me of a virus ONLY if you checked it out at SNOPES first and if it ends with 'this will destroy your entire C drive' please make EXTRA sure you check it out. 99 percent of these types of warnings are fakes. Yes, I know about the e-card virus. That's real. Most stuff that's sent around is an urban legion, including the little boy needing money disparately that dates back to a hoax five years ago. I repeat...MAKE SNOPES YOUR BIBLE.

Okay, I'll take myself back to bed and hope I don't find another handful of forwards waiting for me when I again check email.

One hint: If you use a program that allows sorting, create a folder for forwards and direct them all there using FW as the subject key word. Double check to see if any are from that rare friend you might get something you want and delete the rest.

The grump



Monique said...

Whoops! Understood.

I'm also getting fed up with them Pris. On Facebook I get different applications send all the time and I just don't want them. Not to mention all that spam that comes our way every day!!

Rest well and get back to your normal cheerful self soon. Hug and LOL

Pris said...

I know, Monique. I go to facebook to get messages, read any interesting posted links or notes I stumble across or are sent to me there, and check a few friends' statuses to see how/what they're doing. Instead, I spend half my time dealing with applications. I don't know quite how to handle it, since I like the people who send, but have been thinking about sending the main people who send them a note saying I'm dropping all but flowers attached to a message since that comes all in one place and then just stop responding.

DeadMule said...

I think there was a time - back in the day - when the uniqueness of e-mail made us great recipients of those tear-jerk inspirations (but I never yielded to the threats of what happens, if you don't forward. Some of don't have enough friends to fill the quota. LOL) but that day is over. I am no longer tickled just by receiving an e-mail message. I, too, have had enough cutesy.

Pris said...

Amen. I had five people who ONLY communicated to me by forwards. One was the wife of a cousin whom I've not seen in forty years. No real mail ever. I wrote them, told them I valued them but had NO time to read forwards so to please keep in touch but by writing me a real letter when so moved. I've never heard from two of them since:-) I get a two line note maybe once every 3 months from another and a wee bit more from the other two.

Nic Sebastian said...

hear hear! (and get well soon!)

Lyle Daggett said...

One of the numerous reasons I don't have an email addy in my blog.

Two or three years back I set up a Yahoo email address to use as a secondary or "pretend" one, for registering for web groups, etc.

(I actually have Facebook and MySpace accounts to enable me to look at pages once in a while, though I don't have pages of my own and don't plan to. I used the Yahoo address for my accounts for those.)

Every now and then I check the Yahoo email, delete any spam that's come in and hasn't been caught by Yahoo, and leave it alone otherwise. I still get a little junk email now and then in my "real" email, though not much. I *never* respond to those idiotic chain letters. (Some people apparently don't remember that such things used to circulate occasionally in paper mail, years back. Maybe still do here and there. Invariably they were hoaxes or scams.)

Word verification is "pshipe," which I think pretty much sums it up,.

Lisa Allender said...

Hi Pris, I completely agree! A few years ago, I was sending out mass e-mails that I felt were "Important"(petitions to sign, save-the-seals, political boycotts,peace demonstrations, etc.). These ARE important to me still, but now (as of three years ago)I simply use my Blog as the forum. If someone is sincere, they can follow-up after I publicize the cause(s) there.

Peace, woman.

Pris said...

Maybe we all ought to plaster signs on our blogs and wherever 'no forwards accepted'. I don't know how to stop it. Lyle, I think you're right about just deleting and not responding.

I have a private gmail address that never goes anywhere public. Told the few people I gave it to never to send fowards or ecards so I could avoid spam. It stayed apam free until a well meaning friend believed the hallmark bull that they didn't sell email addresses (since she paid for the card access). Next day, my first spam and it's increased exponentially over the past two years. Spam/chain letters. Similar animals to me...just that we don't know who sends the spam. I ALWAYS delete spam without opening.

cfswarrior said...

I'm so sorry to hear you caught a bad bug. I know how awful it feels on top of the cfids.

I know what you mean about the mass emails! I had a good chuckle when I read your post. Well said.

Now, all you have to do is forward this response to 5 friends! :)

Hope you feel better soon.


Pris said...

Hi Terri...yes, you well know how the two things together provide a real whammy. I'm hanging in till this passes.

I should forward all of this to those who forward to me:-)


Olga/Maddie said...

I'm sorry to hear about how you are feeling. :(.

My thoughts and heart are with you. And I hope that you are feeling a little better now. *big smile*

As for the forwards, I rarely read them. And if I do, I never pass them along. Though, I do always e-mail people to thank them for sending them to me.

However, what I find said is that with some online friends, the only way I hear from them is by way of these forwards. So I start to wonder if you have time to send a forward to your friends, why don't you have the time to send out an e-mail to your friends in order to let them know how you are doing?

I would e-mail these people to see how they were (usually after they sent me the forwards). But I heard from very few of them, if at all. So now I've just stopped doing that because I figure there is no point in doing so.

I have struggled with this, on and off. But these days it's a bit easier to just realize that some online friends will not communicate with you in the way you would like them to.

And so, if they do communicate by way of forwards, then that's probably better than nothing. At least where I'm concerned.

**Sends you many, many, many, many, many hugs.**

God bless and take care. :).

Annie Wicking said...

May I send you this...

Have a great day tomorrow and enjoy a wonderful day with your family and friends.

((((Hugs))) and warm wishes from me.


Middle Ditch said...

Some great responses. Grump gone? Health back?

Pris said...

Thanks, all of you, for stopping by. Monique, flu gone, but extra fatigue lingering. Progress is going up. I'm not keeping up with comments back and I apologize to everyone. Soon...

mister jim said...

Hope things get better soon, Pris.
Just got back from vaca.