Thursday, February 26, 2009

Meatloaf still brings out the magic in me

Meatloaf's Bat Out Of Hell has to be one of the best albums of the late seventies's. I love his music. He faded from view after this album to appear again playing small theatres in the late eighties. I saw him then in a theatre over in Palm Beach. He still had the magic, but no new material. I don't know what caused his burnout, but would've loved more albums like this one. This song....well, it's super! So is 'For Crying Out Loud' and 'Paradise By The Dashboard Light' (a classic)

What's your favorite from that album/now out in CD? Hard choice.

I couldn't resist adding Paradise By The Dashboard Light.


Annie Wicking said...

I won't say I'm a great fan of his, but I do enjoy listening to his greatest hits.

Hope you're keeping well, my dear friend, Pris. ((Hugs))

Middle Ditch said...

I always loved it when he was interviewed and he was called Mr Loaf.

Pris said...

Annie, thank!

MD...Mr. Loaf??:-) I missed that one. That's funny.

Anna G Raman said...

Thanks for sharing these videos. He is a good singer. His voice suits slow songs like that first one, I liked that one.

mister jim said...

Classic. Paradise was a
singalong in college. A lot of
groups never quite matched the
albums of that era. Some epics.

Pris said...

Hi Anna, I like his singing, too.

Jim, it's hard to beat some of the songs on that album. They were as much 'performance pieces' as anything else.