Saturday, November 08, 2008

Thanks Jim Knowles for your blog on my book!

Jim Knowles was good enough to write a few words about my latest chap out, Hesitant Commitments, published by Lummox Press (My book on the homepage serves as a link to a list of books where you'll find purchase information....six bucks includes postage mailed in the U.S. Click on the cover and you'll find it). Read what Jim had to say HERE.

Thanks, Jim. I hope your comments will inspire more folk to purchase a copy. I'd love to see the book get out there more. I'm pleased that sales are doing as well as they are since I can't do readings to give it more exposure. If you want a signed copy and dedication, in the comments section of paypal ask Lummox to send it to me with your name and address. I'll sign and send it on directly to you.

Maybe a tiny Christmas present for someone special?



JimK said...

In this time of drowning in a sea
of fine output, in oceans of
blood, sweat, and tears, I really
love the personal, talismanic
nature of a chap. Not what you
say to be noticed, but what you
really wanted to say, given a little
time to say what you want.
If I see flavor,that's what I wanted.

Pris said...

What a good description of what a chap does.