Monday, November 10, 2008

Still Crashing

This remains my worst CFIDS crash in ten years. Months ago, a long time friend who had a recurrence of her lymphoma a year and a half ago, and I planned what will be my second trip in these 18 years. I want to see her. She used to live here but now lives in two places, both a distance from me. My husband will drive so I can sleep in the backseat and we'll pick her up in her mid-Florida home, since chemo gave her the side effect of neurasthenia in hands and feet.

The trip is to a condo on Daytona Beach, where I used to cavort occasionally weekend afternoons when I attended Stetson University, an hour inland. I'm limp and dizzy but am going, anyway. Can barely lift my arms to type this. If nothing else, I can enjoy being by the ocean on our patio and November prices make this possible for a bit under 250 dollars for a two bedroom, two bath condo for three nights. Almost unbelievable.

I still wish I could play some on this trip but as weeks have dragged by into months, my hopes of doing much lessen. Now I just hope to go and enjoy being there.

Wish me luck. I won't be posting again until after I get back Sunday night of this week.

(oh, if a burglar is reading this, our dog will be here, visited three times daily by our neighbor. Our cat growls and leaps at people she doesn't like. Yes, really! And Brinks recently installed a monitored burglar system after my chiropractor's house was stripped of everything valuable while he was at work)

Oh..that's me on the left at Daytona senior year with a friend. I'm 20 there(skipped a year in high school). We're sitting on my boyfriend's car:-) Look closely and you can see the waves in the background! Click to enlarge.



Collin Kelley said...

Enjoy the trip and relax, build up your strength. Love the photo! How very Gidget of you. :)

ButtonHole said...

Pris--you're such an admirable person. I wish you the best on your trip and hope the CFIDS dybbuks let up on you very very soon!

JimK said...

Best luck to you.
Hoping it turns around soon.

Pris said...

Thank you all and Collin, I love being Gidget :-)

Annette Marie Hyder said...

Pris, that trip sounds wonderful! Just relaxing in the sun by the water will be divine.

Have fun ^_^

(love that pic of you!)

Lyle Daggett said...

Enjoy the sun and shore, and do be well, Pris.

Word verification has been oddly sybil-like lately, don't you think? coming up with groups of letters that look like words, or almost.

Word verification right now is "releshe."

Brian Campbell said...

You're a hero, Pris. I'll send some chant energy your way. My word verification actually spells out a word: "fresh".

Pris said...

Thanks, everyone...the word verifications are odd. Mine haven't come close to a known word yet. Maybe the chants are working, Brian!

(Mine, signing in is tredism. Maybe we could create new definitions?(

Scot said...

enjoy the best you can... :)

Moineau En France said...

finally made it to spend much needed time on your blog, and it's fantastic. i'm adding a link to the small list on my page.

i hope you have a good trip, pris: i know it will hard, it always is, but hopefully worth all the effort. love has a way of carrying us when we are called, adrenaline-producing love. may it be so.

long crashes are the worst and the most confusing to selfhood, but, hopefully, next year will be better. perhaps barack will generate such a grand healing in our country that we and other generally invisible people will benefit in some small way. barack, we're over here! of course, he will have many, many grave concerns. (but please, don't forget us...)

cheers to you, pris. you are BEAUTIFUL. and i do love this old picture; but you are still so young at heart, and i love that too. xoxoxox ~laura t.

Pris said...

Hi Scot
I paced myself, used the wheelchair, and napped after outings. Had a very good time, given my limits. I plan to blog on the trip when I get a little more energy.

Hi Laura,
Thanks...and yes, the crashes are hard. We hang in and do come back!