Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This is the way I like to remember Elvis...

Before the sequins and capes, also doing a good job at singing a classic I love.

Youtube video

(for some reason blogger isn't accepting the embed code. The above opens in a new window)

What do you think made Elvis the icon he became? His early death? Maybe, but people don't file by MM's tomb and hold vigils. John Lennon's either, for that matter. What indefinable quality grabbed people and held them. His magic caught me as a teenager. I was in love with him then. Madly. Who can explain these things??


Scot said...

this is him--who doesn't love this

Pris said...

Yes, he was great in those early years.

Monique said...

I think that he is artificially kept alive Pris. The theme park, the birthdays, the tourism etc. Maybe this is a good thing. If friends of Shakespeare had not decided that his work was worth keeping we would have never known all those priceless plays.

Berenice said...

I have never been a huge fan but even I enjoy his sound and charisma. B xx

Annie Wicking said...

I'm just glad that he went when he did. It would be sad to see him hanging on maddly to his past youth by having botox etc like some of these celebrities.

The best ones are the ones that grow old gracefully.

Thank you for sharing this youtube with us.

Best wishes, desr friend, ((Hug))

Pris said...

Thanks for your comments. I always wished he'd never gotten into the drugs that, in my opinion, led to his change from the 'original' Elvis to the caped imitation of himself forgetting the words to his songs on Vegas tours. He was our 'bad boy'...but his voice stayed unique.

DeadMule said...

I was first aware of Elvis when I was in the second grade. I remember his movies and his induction into the army. . . . Then as a young teacher, twenty years later, my students talking "hunka-hunka" talk. And then he died.

My mother always liked his gospel songs, but she never warmed to anyone's rock and roll. My sons never liked him. I think he was too "old school" for them.

But he is white rock and roll. He brought black music to the radio. He recorded with black folks. He never forgot who he was, even in that mansion.

He's the American dream personified. He's the real deal.

Anonymous said...

Awww...Elvis was my dad's all time hero. I was brought up on his music. At an early age I knew all the lyrics to many of his songs.
When I see pictures now, like the ones in the youtube vid I get a lump in my throat.
He was so incredibly handsome, and had a fantastic aura, not to mention that pitch perfect voice that was filled with soul...I could go on...ha.

Pris said...

Hi Helen. It's so hard to define what made him stand out from the others, but he surely did, didn't he?
Ellen, what has always amazed me is the natural tremelo/vibrato (sp?) in his voice that usually comes only with trained singers. It took his voice out of the ordinary 'flat' tones of a lot of people singing rock and roll.


If you visit you'll see the tribute (and hear it) in memory of Elvis.

I've also created 8 hours of a play-list of ALL his songs (no fee to play which I do 3 days a week).

If you want the link, just pop a note to me at, and I'll send it on to you.

Nice blog! Diane - Nevada.

Pris said...

Hi Diane
I got a 'page could not be found' to that link, but to be honest, I have my favorite Elvis songs so likely wouldn't listen to a lot of them in a row. It was nice of you to offer that link, though, and what an ambitious project!

I did check out two of the blogs listed under your name but neither allowed for comment...just your email address. Do you plan to add the comment option later? Your Women blog was especially interesting. To answer the question on one blog, I think it's just impossible to visit the blogs we want to visit. I try to get around as I can to blogs I enjoy but it's not regular and yes, there are a lot of lurkers. I have a hit meter and it shows up to 60 visits a day some days. Some of those are 'drive throughs' I'm sure.

Thanks also for your comment on the Glann Close youtube. Yes, she IS great!