Monday, October 06, 2008

Go to Collin's blog and check this out.

I'm not even going to say what he's posted there except that if you're a poet, posting on the Internet, your name may be in the link he describes (mine is) and the project is one that purportedly has Ron Silliman angry enough that he thinks we should sue.

Let Collin explain HERE in his blog.


Collin said...

Hey Pris, you can download the pdf if you go to and scroll down to the cover image for Issue 1. The link to download is underneath. By the way, the explanation for this "anthology" is now at the Harriet blog over at the Poetry Foundation.

Pris said...

I'll look there. Thanks. I did find the PDF but not the one in my 'name'. My offer of five dollars still holds for anyone who can find it for me:-)

DeadMule said...

Well, Pris. It's somewhere before mine (I'm on page 2647), but I won't look for $5. LOL

Seriously, I did see it.

Pris said...

Hi Helen
Not even for five dollars?? I may have to up my ante:-) I only saw the one download and I did put it on my desktop and did a quick scan through but at least you've narrowed me down to 2, 646 pages!!

I read the Harriet blog. It was interesting to see how much work these guys put into the project when controversy is their only certain reward.