Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Poet of the Month: Chosen by Edward Nudelman

Edward Nudelman was gracious to choose my poem, Undertow, as July's poem of the month on his blog, along with a repost on his My Gather site. I'm posting the My Gather link since his blogger.com link is at the bottom of that page.

Undertow is one of two poems I've written about my mother's death. It was published in the Boxcar Poetry Review last year, so I'm especially glad to see it appear again. What's interesting to me is to read Ed's indepth analysis of the poem. He did an excellent job of picking up the nuances I wanted to convey. I hope some of you will take time to follow the link and read it (the link opens in a new window).

Thank you, Ed!



JimK said...

A great one,
and well received.

Scot said...

beautiful poem Pris--I can surely relate if I use the bra as a metaphor.

Pris said...

Thanks, guys..and Scot, definitely use the bra as a metaphor!:-)

DeadMule said...

Congratulations Pris. I've read that one before, But I still like it. Helen

enudelman said...

and thank YOU Pris, not only for this powerful poem, but also for 'giving it up,' as it were; Pris and I had a great discussion about the author to author relationship, and we both agree, we'd love to see more 'huxtering,' (i.e. presenting) of each other's poems in many different venues.

Maggie May said...

fantastic poem, i truly like it. as someone who has had chronic and 'mysterious' health issues (endometriosis and surgeries, hypothyroidism, systemic yeast and muscle pain) i totally understood the line ' bed of thorns ' or was it needles, darnit, sorry about that, but i FELT that. and the confusing relationship with your Mother, underlying love. yes.