Monday, December 17, 2007

warm tea (click to enlarge)

A full moon night seen from the front of our house.

We're on the countdown to Christmas. Every year I always say the same doesn't seem real to me yet. I don't know if or when it will. Maybe Santa will get tangled in my powderpuff tree this year and come inside for a hot toddy.

After a string of acceptances for poetry and haiga, I hit a lull and now am in a string of rejections. The ups and downs. That's what makes it all so interesting, eh?


colleen said...

OOOh. I love Poe in the mix. Is that a second moon in the right hand corner?

Pris said...


That's my chop in the corner. If you enlarge and look again, you can see the design. A friend's son lives in Japan and had the chop handmade for me. The design represents the closest to my name in Japanese that the carver could do. I stamped it , then scanned it. A friend more sophisticated in technique than I am created it in different colors (the wax that came with it is red) so I can add these to digital images. Friends who do their haiga via artwork stamp on their chops and then scan or photograph it to post. The chop is a long standing Japanese signature for haiga.

Thanks for asking.