Monday, December 03, 2007

Christmas Lighting at the Flagler

The Flagler Museum in Palm Beach, across the waterway from us, has an annual lighting of their Christmas tree. Traditionally, an organist plays carols in their tiny music room, complete with pipe organ to ceiling, the rooms are decorated to stroll past, and a choir sings in the enclosed courtyard. After that, the choir sings one number inside, the tree is lit, this year by the great great great four grandchildren of Henry Flagler (they flip a switch) and it's over.

My husband took me through by wheelchair since between my dizziness/fatigue and a recent flare of the knee with the strained tenden, no way could I walk it. Especially not for two hours.

I'm paying the piper today since I barely slept last night and am having some pain. Finally got up at 4 and changed my bed to distract myself and managed to close my eyes and halfway snooze for an hour.

Anyway, here are some representative photographs.

Front of Henry Flagler's former home, referred to also as Whitehall.

I'm just inside the main entrance in this shot.

The organist. The area to walk through (or roll through) was tiny, so we listened to a couple of carols inside and a couple more in the hall outside the room.

The breakfast room.

Henry Flagler's billiard room with the fireplace decorated.

The main caroling in the courtyard. This was as close as we could get. We waited too long to go outside.

The choir before singing Joy To The World, before the big lighting.

My husband by the tree. We outwaited everyone to get a good shot but could NOT outwait this woman who seemed determined to stand there until the place closed:-)

....and home along the ocean.


Pat Paulk said...

Thanks for the tour!!

DeadMule said...

How lovely and Christmasy.

colleen said...

What a big outing and a lovely way to ring in the holiday spirit.

Collin said...


Berenice said...

Wow!! I'd love to go there for real. Lucky you!! B xx

Middle Ditch said...

What do I do? I could not see the pictures!