Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Today's my Birthday

Five candles on the cake. Yes, tis true. I'm only five. I'm a child prodigy. My first poems were dictated from the womb and scribed by my mother until I could write for myself at 2 weeks.

her candles
set the ceiling on fire
birthday girl


Okaay...the real truth. Sigh.

Birthday picture:


tom said...

Happy birthday!

DeadMule said...

Happy Birthday, Pris.

michi said...

happy birthday, even if i am a day late! :)

here's to a wonderful year full of laughter and happy moments and many trysts with the muse!

m x

steve said...

beautiful little poem
birthday girl

I like this

sam of the ten thousand things said...

Happy birthday - sorry for coming to this late.

Pris said...

Thanks to you all!

Lee Herrick said...

happy birthday, pris! july 18th also is my daughter's birthday. she turned two and ate lots of yams (the food of the week).

i hope yours was a good one! birthday wishes from here---lee.

burning moon said...

hmm, I dunno Pris ... in that top picture it sort of looks like the little girl next to you is hogging center stage AND birthday cake! Are you SURE it was your birthday?

tiss tur, you ARE only five at heart! Happy birthday and many more!



Pris said...

Hi Lee....yams! She has good taste, and a great birthday date:-)

That little gal tried to upstage me but I'm sure I gave her whatfor later!

JimK said...

I said something
about all those personalities
you can see written
on faces at that age
so clearly
you can almost hear them
but it was lost

Collin said...

Happy belated B-Day. :)

Pris said...'s hard to know how they've changed. I do know I was stubborn as a mule then and still am.

Thanks, Collin.

Shane said...

Happy Birthday

Great Photo!



Pris said...

Hi Shane