Friday, July 06, 2007

Brady Senryu Contest

I've decided to enter this contest, sponsored by The Haiku Society of America, for the first time this year so have been busy workshopping senryu at Haiku Hut instead of blogging. Since last week's Nostalgia Friday didn't garner any interest I'm content to put that off for a while:-).

At the least, this contest will be fun. Senryu must be unpublished and posted nowhere except your website or a workshopping board.

First prize for this prestitious contest is a hundred dollars. For those of you who write the form, check this link below:

Brady Competiton Information.

Entries are sent on 3 by 5 cards snail mail with a dollar an entry fee and up to ten allowed. Deadline for them to be in hand is the end of this month.

1 comment:

tom said...

good luck - i am thinking about sending something in too.