Sunday, May 06, 2007

PS A Question

While MySpace drives me nuts at times, it's also spoiled me. I go from blog to blog here in and other similar servers and, while I see a few blogs with a huge comments section, I know mine has dwindled to almost nothing and I read some blogs with one to no comments at all. Excellent blogs.

On MySpace, my readership is substantial..or I should say the response is. My webtracker shows a steady flow of visitors to my blog, but it's not reflected in the comments, so I ask, who are you? Are you passing through accidentally? Do you just have nothing to say? I'd love to hear.



Pat Paulk said...

Mine's just the opposite. comments have remained about the same but visits have drastically reduced. Maybe that should tell me something.

Pris said...

I can't figure that one out. I apparently have a lot of lurkers or else people scrolling through the blogs. I can't figure out how your visits have dropped, though. Yours is a popular blog!

Lee Herrick said...

Hi Pris. I guess I'm commenting less these days, but I'm still a regular reader! Hope all's well.

tom said...

hi. i don't visit myspace - the place is too cluttered and confusing most of the time - i started a place there but don't have the time to try and figure out how do do anything with it - i have hard enough time trying to find time for visiting blogs here, facebook, and livejournal.
but your blog here is bookmarked and on my check whenever i can list

Collin said...

I've had my blog going for four years and it took more than a year to get any comments at all. Now, I get hundreds of hits a week, especially after the American Idol posts. Keep at it. There are always going to be lurkers.

Pris said...

Thanks for the feedback. I think part of my problem is that I don't stick to a theme in my blog. I go from haiga to poetry to comments to art features to youtubes. Nobody knows what to expect and so I don't get people who are interested in one of those things reading regularly.

Lyle Daggett said...

Hi, Pris. I'm also a frequent lurker, and from-time-to-time commenter, here. :-)

I haven't had any interest in starting a Myspace page, and tend to avoid visiting them, for the reason Tom gave above--the pages are too cluttered, too noisy. Also I have a hard time navigating them. To me, Myspace pages always look like a turnpike full of billboards.

I've never had a hit counter in my blog (other than the built-in one in the Blogger profile page, and hard to gauge anything from that). So don't know if visits to my blog have gone up or down or stayed steady. Comments seem to vary from one post to another, though I never have a huge number. I post irregularly, not daily, which I'm sure affects the frequency and number of visits and comments.

Pris said...

Hi Lyle
I use a free webtracker because I like to get an idea of where visitors come from and if anybody is reading at all since comments don't reflect readership.

MySpace is filled with problems..I agree. It's rare that you have to spend time on a profile page, though, if you subscribe to poets you like. They the come up on a list when they click and go right to the post. I like the messaging system giving out of emails to everybody and bulletins for special happenings.

And yes, some profile pages drive me nuts. I've turned down requests for that reason alone.

Glad you lurk :-) I check you off and on to see if you have something new up, too..I do know you can go a while and not post.